Three Day Weekend Adventures



I’m going to be honest with you, everybody; I’ve been reading a lot of Lord of the Rings and drinking a lot of tea. What that means is that I’ve been reading a lot and procrastinating my homework, but at least it’s LoTR and not something silly, right?

In other news, I want to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend. I hope you all had wonderful Easters, and Passovers, and three day weekends (whatever it is you’re celebrating). I had a fantastic weekend, despite the unrelenting snow of yesterday and today. Friday was not only good, but great (lol Christianity jokes). For the day, I’d like to celebrate a rather cool dude, my boyfriend, Danny, because he set a goal to ski, mountain bike, and fish all in the same day and guess what? HE DID IT. I have photographic evidence. And he didn’t even have to wake up before 9 a.m.

Side note, let’s talk about how cool Bozeman, Montana is just for the fact that it’s actually possible to ski, mountain bike, and fish all in the same day.

Anyway, he set out around 9:30 in the morning, skied his little heart out and called me around one o’clock in the afternoon. He swung by to pick up Copper (who is a mountain biking extraordinaire), got lunch and a fishing license, and got to the top of the nearby trail, Triple Tree, before 4. See Exhibit A below.


Exhibit A

Then, he called me because it was time to fish. I got home from the gym, showered and dried my hair (it was not the warmest of days), and we headed up to Hyalite for some fly fishing. Unfortunately, starting April 1st – May 15th, the road which leads all the way up to the reservoir is closed – I presume for flooding danger and maybe some maintenance – but the river was flowing strong down below and he cast in.DSCN4832_edited-1 Copper tried to get snagged by the hook a few times, but eventually he decided the water was too cold and went on the search for a stick. Instead, he found a section of a tree root, which he decided was just as good, and insisted that I throw the huge, knarly thing all over the field.

No luck fishing, but at least the deed was done, right? Skiing, biking, and fishing all in one day. So we headed home for dinner – which was equally as exciting. Neither of us wanted to spend money and both of us were ravenous, so we opened my fridge to see what we could cook up. We ended up with shredded chicken (I got 4 pounds of shredded rotisserie chicken at Cotsco for $8 *mini celebration*), mini carrots, cubed potatoes, pineapple, and fresh spinach all in a covered pan with olive oil and lots of lemon juice and it was the best dinner I have had all week. Delicious. And the easiest meal, too; just left it covered for about twenty-thirty minutes and it was ready to eat.

DSCN4841_edited-1So we ate and watched Guardians of the Galaxy and drank tea and ate Girl Scout cookies until we crashed. Good Friday. (That’ll never get old).

Easter Sunday also involved a fantastic meal. We had planned to hike Lava Lake and have a lunch up there, but the weather wasn’t having it, and I’ve heard a couple of times that the trail isn’t clear enough yet, so we settled for a sweat pants day with friends and movies and food while the snow fell all day. We cooked up biscuits, ham with carrots and pineapple, mashed potatoes, and corn, and ate just about all of it. Then, we just stayed in and watched The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises (more Easter jokes ensued) and dyed eggs that night. I can’t say it was the best Easter, because I missed my family back in Colorado, but it was just about as good as it gets under the circumstances.


I hope everyone is trucking along with their years and their lives and just having a glorious time. Spring is coming!
Don’t forget to stay gold,


That Post-Spring Break Lag

Hello everybody!

So we’re a week out from Spring Break already and becoming a real person again is hard. I suppose it helps my post Spring Break mood a small bit that the Bozeman weather has been exceptionally springy (referring to the season). However, spending a week in Scottsdale, Arizona springtime perfection makes it a bit hard to compare. Of course I miss the warmth and the not having responsibilities, but I flipped ahead in my planner just this morning to get an idea of my academic work load for the next few weeks and realized just how short our time really is: just a little over one month and the world can be slightly more silly once again.
For some reason, professors, schedules, weather, and calendars seem to have agreed that the couple weeks after Spring Break should be the most rigorous while simultaneously being the hardest during which to focus. I had two tests last week and two papers this week. But after those eight more pages are written, I just have the end of semester stuff to get through! So celebrate a little for me.
I’m an Advocat student tour guide on campus which, besides being delightful, has the added bonus of letting me register extremely early – before any classes fill up. Next semester (Fall 2015), because I have almost no degree requirements to complete (besides that pesky spring semester writing class), I’ll have just three classes and only on Tuesday and Thursday which leaves my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays wide open for work, adventuring, and playing with Copper. I’m super excited I could figure out a schedule that works so well for me; I’m also taking a new Sociology class called Animals & Sociology which sounds absurdly interesting, right?

Now that you’re a bit more caught up on my life, I thought I’d reminisce more about Spring Break (just one more time) before I continue being a responsible student and finish writing my papers. To be honest, I’ll probably play with Copper before that actually happens, but here we go.

So my boyfriend, a friend, Copper and I drove down last week to Scottsdale, Arizona – a 17 hour drive from Bozeman. After a long, adventurous, day which included three Five Hour Energy drinks and a narrated adventure story about running away from the snow, we made it, starving and warm. We stayed in a friend’s house his family owns in the city with two other friends who drove down from Colorado. The next day (and many after that) we spent lounging by the pool and getting our much-needed tans on. Copper was not allowed in the neighborhood pool area, so we left him in the house, back door open to the back yard, planning on him being just perfectly fine. Then, about two minutes after we had jumped into the water, I heard the ever-so-familiar jingle of his collar and soon enough, he showed up as happy as can be outside the pool gate. He had jumped over the solid adobe wall around the backyard and followed us to the pool. After all, it was his Spring Break too.


Over the course of Spring Break, we went to a Rockies Spring Training game, a farmer’s market, the Phoenix Zoo, multiple golf courses, and spent every day in the sun and every night by the hot tub. I’m so glad I could take the break, and so glad I got to spend it in Arizona with friends.


In just about a month and a half I’ll be 21 in Vegas with my family,
So let’s just get through this month of school and celebrate free time with hikes and bikes around Bozeman. Deal?

Stay gold,

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up next week’s copy of the Exponent (The Excrement); it’s the annual April Fools satire edition.

Winter is Back!

Hi everybooooddddy,

Guess what? It snowed.
It’s been near fifty degrees for the past few weeks – about three, I’d say. And just two days ago, winter decided she missed us and dumped some fresh powder … and fifteen degrees of coldness. Copper is devastated because he can’t play frisbee as long. DEVASTATED.

Anyway, some updates:
I’m not graduating next Fall. The one class I need for my Writing degree isn’t offered in the Fall because we don’t have enough Writing majors yet: so come forth English aficionados! Now I have more time for my internship and/or to explore other, fun classes if that’s what I want to do. Next semester is still pretty up in the air; I’ll either be here or in Colorado at an internship, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know. And, of course, I’ll be back on campus for sure in the Spring.
I’m so excited. I heard about this opportunity through the College of Art (which I was still officially a part of until last week) and Rockford Coffee was so great about scheduling me. My art will be up for a couple of months, so go check it out and get a cup of coffee. If you go, take a picture and post it to my Facebook art page: here. You’ll make my life. I’ve been working like a dog these past couple weeks finishing up all my pieces, and I still have quite a bit to do before Tuesday. (I apologize to professors in advance for spending more time painting than doing homework).
I promise I’ll take pictures after I hang everything on Tuesday and I’ll share them here.

In other news, Opsis extended their deadline because they are getting such an amazing response. Of course, everyone’s a procrastinator and was submitting at midnight on the original deadline; the next day they announced an extension so they could make sure all the students are getting the opportunity to have their work considered. They’re good people over there.
I submitted a painting and a piece of short fiction, so cross your fingers for me.

As the hours wind down on my painting deadline though, it becomes ever more obvious that I must return to my paintbrushes and canvas, so I will say goodbye for today and turn the volume back up on Hozier.

Here’s a snapshot of my life:
CAK1Stay gold,

Guess Who’s Back… With Weapons

Hello loyal and hardy readers!

I’m a bit embarrassed about the extensive time I’ve spent away from the blog, and for that I apologize. Where have you been getting your MSU student antics and ridiculously random information?! Nowhere. Or somewhere… else.

But I’m here now. And in typical college student fashion, I’m going to jump back in like I never left.

So hello again loyal and hardy readers. Here we go.

A quick recap on what you’ve missed in the life of Sabrina: Winter break was long and relaxing and wondrous. Home is always nice and being there really pushed me to figure out what to do with my future: mostly because I’m applying for graduation (pretty much simultaneously as I type this) and I’m running out of time to pretend I don’t need a plan.
If all goes well, I’ll be in an internship at a small publishing house in Denver, Colorado this summer. That’s the most pressing item on my to-do list; without an internship under my belt, graduation would have to wait.
Then, I’ll celebrate my last semester ever at MSU (insert crying emoji) and graduate in December with a degree in Writing and Sociology and an Honors Degree. How cool is that? Yes, thank you, thank you (clapping hands emoji).
Before all that, I’ll turn 21 in the middle of dead week, right before finals. So if I can get a general crossing of fingers and prayer for my well being, I would immensely appreciate it.

Now, on to the present.
I want to tell you about a band I interviewed last week for the Exponent and tell you how awesome it is to write for the Culture section because I’m learning so much about how cool Bozeman really is (in addition to the general cool atmosphere).
So the band I interviewed and wrote about in last Thursday’s edition calls themselves As the Crow Flies. They’re a duo; the singer/guitarist is a student at MSU. They’re a metal blues band.

Let’s say that again, together: metal blues band

How cool is that? Here’s a link to a Youtube video. The quality isn’t amazing, but they’re recording a record and music videos this month so look for those, coming at you right out of Bozeman.
In addition to breaking the boundaries of genre stereotypes though, these guys build their own instruments and lights. They’re used to playing in Bozeman’s local venues (like The Filling Station) which are by no means set up for amazing shows: more like bars with live music sometimes. So they built lighting that Mario controls with his feet all while singing and playing. You can see a lot of the lighting in the videos.
Here’s a link to the online article.

The article I’m writing for this Thursday’s edition is about MSU’s literary magazine, Opsis. I talked to the editor-in-cheif who explained just how they’re stretching the boundaries of what is considered literature and writing and I am all about their new definition. I’ll post a link to the full article when it’s published.
Beside the fact that I have an awesome article coming to you this week, Opsis really needs your creative submissions. They’re asking that anyone and everyone submit, no matter what College you’re apart of at MSU. They want Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, English, Computer Science; their re-imagined purpose is to show that everything students are producing at MSU is creative and a delicate form of communication.
Here’s the flyer:
OpsisDeadline is February 20th! Submit everything and have fun.

Also, sneak preview of next week’s post: my art will be hanging in Rockford Coffee by Feb. 25th.
Here’s some pictures of Copper to brighten your days.

Stay gold,

Stress-Eating Poetry

Hello everyone!

I have a few things to do today. One, I’d like to apologize for my silent absence over the last few weeks. Midterm stress seems to last from about one week before midterms through dead week. By dead week and finals week concern switches from “This test could make or break the semester” to “What percentage do I have to get on this project to finish with a B?” (especially in respect to my Statistics final). And the end of a 21 credit semester is never pretty. I think This is Fine dog sums up the feeling accurately:

This if Fine Meme

Cabin Close up

A close up of ‘Cabin Dreams’

I’m so excited for next semester. For the first time, I’m starting with 18 credits instead of 21, and I’m taking a Cycling class for an Activities credit. I’m taking my last Literature course with one of my favorite professors. And I’m taking Advanced Creative Writing. It should be a good semester. And if everything works out, I’ll graduate in exactly one year with A Writing degree, Honors degree, and Sociology minor. (Cross your fingers).

But last weekend was good for me. I got some serious painting done, some writing done (though it was for a creative writing class, writing is always therapeutic). And I got some quality cuddle time with Copper.

Between now and Christmas, and between now and February, the idea – the hope – is that I get a ridiculous amount of painting done. As a college student, most gifts can be expected to be handmade; we’re just lucky I’m artistic. Then, (cue the dramatic drum roll) in February my art will be hanging in

Rockford Coffee!

The one on Seventh and Main, right across from Great Harvest Bread Co. I’m so excited. Despite the fact that a few could potentially sell, I’m just overwhelmed with the prospect of exposure. I’ll probably be the best Rockford customer through April just because I’m going to want to go look at them hanging in a public sphere.


Anyway, the last thing I wanted to accomplish today with this post is sharing my poetry. This one is still a first draft, but I wrote it for an exercise in Creative Writing and it’s unlike anything I usually write so I wanted to share. Enjoy, and I’ll be sure to narrate my holiday/dead week/end of semester adventures/stresses. Continue reading

A Halloween Wrap Up, and A Healthy Decision

Hello allll,

I had an awesome pre-Halloween post planned, but it didn’t happen. Want to know why? (Then keep reading).
On Friday (Halloween), when I was going to finish and post the post, 3 o’clock hit and I didn’t get to stop moving. First, I went downtown to the trick or treat event with Mary Kay. Basically, for hours on Halloween afternoon / evening, downtown Bozeman businesses hand out candy and prizes to decorated children and their parents. It was so crowded! And an hour and a half flew by. Suddenly, it was time to speed over to my club’s headquarters to prepare for the last day of Sigma Chi Beta Rho’s annual Derby Days. We placed third in the competition amongst other Greek life. Then it was time to rush over to my friend’s house, make sure Copper was alive and well, finish our costumes, and begin the Halloween festivities.
In the nonexistent pre-Halloween post, I had pictures of adorable painted dogs, because I was still considering painting Copper. I didn’t, but here are some pictures anyway:

Skeleton Dog Tiger dog

I didn’t end up painting Copper though; instead, we looked like this:


Jasmine & Rajah

So that was Halloween. It was a grand ole time; Copper loves being a tiger.

Now, to the post at hand. I was looking through my old blogs, looking for the Chubby Chicken Taquito recipe, because it will be featured in next week’s Exponent. (I’ll post a link here, when it’s up on The Exponent). I noticed, while scrolling through, that I post an awful lot about food. I’m sure no one is complaining. Hopefully no one’s complaining. And I’m not apologizing, and I’m still going to post a recipe today, because Halloween just happened and we could all use a healthy recovery, am I right? So these, I call the Potentially Bland Healthy Bites because they sound like they might be bland, but don’t worry, we’ll make them delicious. They’re packed with protein and fiber. Also, side bar, don’t run away yet if you hate cauliflower.

Continue reading


Hey everyone!

I hope all your autumns are going swimmingly. I’m wearing shorts today (am I brave or just stubborn?). We don’t usually get much of a real fall here on campus, but this year has been wonderful. It’s my favorite season, and by now I’ve gotten through about three weeks of REAL fall weather. Like, sweater, scarf. no coat weather. Isn’t that exciting?! Gorgeous oak leaves are skittering across the sidewalks; I’ve had to keep myself from picking up the pretty ones so often. There was one this morning that was yellow on the tips and faded into dark orange. I wouldn’t want to lie and say I didn’t pick it up. I did. But then I let it go, because I can’t start collecting leaves. I can’t.

I kind of want to go find it.

ANYWAY. Some things:
A. I didn’t get a ticket for the game this weekend; I completely forgot / kept putting it off. SO instead of going to the game, I’m going CAAAMPING! I have been so busy with school and work lately that I’ve had no time to camp and I’m psyched I get to squeeze in a warmish trip before winter sets in. (I’m not going to collect the beautiful leaves I’ll inevitably find…).
B. I’m talking to one of the local coffee shops about hanging some of my art for a couple of weeks, so cross your fingers for me (and then go see them!). I’ll keep you updated on that.
C. All the leftovers in my fridge – leftover from my mama’s visit – have got me thinking about food in Bozeman. I’m writing a restaurant review on one of the new ones in town and I just wonder how yet another delicious place could be added to my list of choices. I’m always confounded when looking for a place to eat out; there are just too many excellent choices. I feel like that’s kind of awesome and interesting and bewildering so I should share, right? How can all of these restaurants and cafes and lunch spots be doing so well? I don’t know, but I’m going to list a few go-to favorites for going out in honor of parents’ weekend.

1. Montana Ale Works

Montana Ale Works is pretty much the traditional “my parents are in town so we’re going here” spot. It’s also where I have my birthday dinner, my date dinners, and any other time I can validate it dinners. I get the Jake burger or the Bison Patty Melt every time because you get those delicious thin fries and the meat is sooo good. Bison meat over beef any day (unless I want jalapenos and cream cheese on that beef – Jake). If you haven’t been here (have you been living under a rock?) go here. Seriously. Especially if your parents are here for the weekend. It’s a higher end place, so a bit more expensive, but absolutely worth it.

2. Naked Noodle

Oh Naked Noodle. If you’re sick, if you’re starving, if you’re taking care of a sickie, if you just gotta have dat Pad Thai, GO HERE. A few weeks ago when I was suffering some serious strep throat, Naked Noodle spaghetti and meatballs is all I could think about. My roommate ended up driving me there because she couldn’t stand the ceaseless complaining. Any other day than a sick day though, and I’m eating that Pad Thai (#allofthepadthai) with their house-made Stash hot sauce.

3. Mackenzie River Pizza

Mackenzie River is the first place I ever went out to eat in Bozeman. They started here and are now in a few other cities and states; and they have the best pizza creations (at least the most tasty/creative – there A LOT of yummy pizza places in Bozeman). But this is where I go when I’m looking to go out with friends; this might actually be where my roommates, my club girls, my guy friends and I go every time we’ve gone out. It’s a good place for it and it’s a good visiting parents dinner as well: less expensive than Ale Works, more casual, less diversity of food choices.

4. The Garage

And The Garage, my most recent obsession and favorite. They have everything: pulled pork, ribs, sandwiches, soup, BURGERS, salads, friiiiieees. Go there. I don’t even want to explain it to you because it’s my favorite. (Also I’m starving at this point). The menus are on license plates, the lights are car lights or behind hoods, the benches are made of particle bo the metaphor goes on and it succeeds. It’s a good place for dates, friend dates, groups, whatever excuse you need, eat here.

5. The Roost, Pho Real, Copper, Saffron Table, The Hungry Cat, Red Tractor Pizza, Pita Pit, Rice, La Parilla, AND EVERYTHING ELSE. It’s all so good. This isn’t even taking into account breakfast food places of which there is a ridiculous abundance.

And now I’m hungry.
Stay hungry, my friends,

All Visitors Welcome (Feed Me)


Mama and me

September and October have been such great months for me. Two weeks ago, my grandparents flew in for a visit. Then last weekend, some friends from home came to Bozeman with their daughter to visit and tour MSU; I was able to catch up with them and show them around our awesome campus. AND THIS WEEK MY MOM’S HEEERE. It’s so exciting.

There was a sale on airline tickets this past summer. I was home, at the time, when my mom found it, called my grandma, and everyone and their mother (literally) booked a flight to come visit me. Luckily my work and school schedules haven’t been terribly conflicting. I just finished two huge writing projects last night and now I get to focus entirely on my awesome mother. And she even made me coffee to take to campus (which I never have time to do, as I’m always running late). It’s times like these that I miss living at home. Maybe my mama can just move in with me here – though I don’t think she enjoys sleeping in a bed with Copper as much as I do.

Yesterday was fun filled. We bought new tires, just in time for winter, lots and lots of food, jewelry, shelves, all the miscellaneous things my mom realizes I need (that I, of course, never realize). As a result, we were running around all day so when dinner rolled around, we didn’t really want to leave the house. I didn’t have a whole lot of stock on quality, hearty meals in the fridge, so we came up with something of our own. Let’s call it Classy Bratwurst Pasta.

Leftover from my grandparents’ visit, I had Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix (a la Costco) in the pantry. With those in the oven, we boiled up some water for spaghetti noodles and sliced up some Tomato Basil Bratwurst purchased from Flying Fur Meats (in Belgrade, MT). The biscuits came with a garlic-y butter glaze, so we coated the warm bread and used the leftover garlic butter to mix a white wine sauce. In the end, our dinner was wholly fantastic and you can copy our makeshift cooking skills with the recipe below!

Classy Bratwurst Pasta

1. Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix
2. Spaghetti Noodles
3. Bratwurst (sausage of any kind)
4. Cherry Tomatoes
5. Mushroom
6. Butter
7. White Wine
8. Parmesan

1. Boil water and cook the spaghetti noodles.
2. Follow directions on biscuit box and put biscuits in oven; mix garlic butter (powdered mix in biscuit box). If you don’t have the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, mix 1/4 cup butter, two teaspoons garlic powder, one teaspoon oregano, large pinch of salt.
4. Slice bratwurst and cook in a skillet.
3. Throw the butter mix in the skillet with the mushroom and cooked sausage. Once the mushrooms are soft, add two Tablespoons white wine and keep warm.
4. Drain the noodles, slice tomatoes, toss everything together. Top with parmesan and don’t forget to take the biscuits out of the oven.
5. Eat all the food.

I hope you enjoy our makeshift dinner as much as we did!
Love and awesomeness,

Living a Coffee Lifestyle

You know the phrase, “Revenge is a dish best served cold?” So is curry.

I had my first Indian food experience last Tuesday at Bozeman’s sort-of new Saffron Table. I’m writing a restaurant review in the Exponent this week, so keep your eyes peeled for those blue stands and grab a newspaper. Anyway, I ordered Mama’s Chicken Curry and ate just enough to bring some home with me to keep the fridge company. I’m eating it right now: and I’m putting it right up there with cold pizza. This is delicious. I might just buy more to keep in the fridge. Cold curry at all times.

However, cold curry is not the reason I am returning to the blog-o-sphere today. (Do we still call it that?).

Guys. It’s October 2nd. Do you know what that means? It means seven friends posted on Facebook yesterday that it was “sweater, hot cocoa, and pumpkin season.” Accompanied by the girliest of hearts and leaf emoticons. BUT. It also means that it’s coffee season. And that right there is why I’m reentering the blog-o-sphere today on the holiest of days.


Copper ❤

Let me paint a word picture.
I was walking about the Student Union this morning after finishing a lovely campus tour. I had felt that coffee itch since before I even woke up, let’s be honest, so by 10am I was already three hours late. I’m a regular at the SRO (coffee shop in the SUB), but I was free for three whole hours before my sociology test. I had a whole world of coffee before me. A whole Bozeman. I had some studying to do, so I could go downtown to The Leaf and Bean, Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot, or Zocalo (personal favorite), or I could walk just across the street to International Coffee Traders, but Copper (best dog in the world) was waiting patiently for me at home. The decision was made: I needed a drive through so I could return valiantly and caffeinated to my puppy.
SO. I could go to Starbucks and grab the October, white-girl classic: pumpkin spice latte. But it hurts me a little bit every time I crawl back to Starbucks with all the local, delicious options in town. It just so happens that the one and only Cold Smoke Coffee House has relocated to the same shopping center as Starbucks (just down the street from my house, woooo!). So I knew which direction to point my car, but what do I get?! Was I feeling as pumpkin obsessed as usual? Because I could get the ever-so-delicious Pumpkin Pie latte. I knew I needed something to celebrate October. Something cinnamon, perhaps? Then, maybe as a tribute to the delicious chai I had at Saffron Table, I knew I needed the game-changing Dirty Chai (chai with espressssso!): dirty because I always need caffeine (more more mooore).


The beautiful Dirty Chai

Funny enough, I’m drinking more coffee right now. I really can’t stop.

For coffee lovers / potential caffeine addicts Bozeman really is the best of the best when it comes to enablers. However, if you get as anxious and analytical about making decisions as I did this morning, I suggest you choose a regular coffee spot. You really can’t go wrong.

Stay gold,

A Day in Review

IMG_20140422_210050_423Hey Team. It’s been raining today, aaall day, but it’s really not that bad. I heard my first roll of thunder today while I was in the middle of an at-home, bake-off marathon.

When I woke up this morning I left the house in a t-shirt. When I left work five hours later I had to sprint to my car through the rain drops. But I wanted to talk about my day and mostly about my baking marathon. I made a cookie that I’d never tried at home before, adapted from a cookie we make at work in the bakery. It’s called the Crackle. And it is spectacular. Basically, it’s a brownie in cookie form.

So we’ll start with the ingredients.

You’ll need:
2 sticks of butter
2 C sugar
2 large eggs
1 T vanilla
3/4 C cocoa powder
2 C flour
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
Extra sugar and powdered sugar

So you get all your ingredients out, that’s step 1 obviously. And you’re going to use the creaming method which means you blend your butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla IMG_20140422_185908_031separately from the cocoa, flour, baking soda, and salt. So blend that first group. Then gradually add the dry ingredient mix. From here, I took some tips from work: use an ice cream scoop to scoop cookie-size balls of batter. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and shove them in the freezer for an hour or two.

At this point, I went for a run in the rain with Copper. I ran with him off-leash for the first time and he loved it. He’s such a good dog. Heart of the Valley picked him up as a stray, but I have no doubt he’s lived in a house before and been taken care of.

So we got home and Copper got mud and rain water on everything and then I pulled the cookies out. IMG_20140422_201838_010

So you want to make sure they’re frozen or the sugar won’t stick very well. Take the balls of dough and cover them in regular granulated sugar, then powdered sugar. If you don’t do the granulated sugar first, the powdered will soak into the dough and not show up very well after baking. I got two small bowls out and put each sugar in a bowl.

Then you bake these wonderful contraptions for about ten minutes at 355 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s important that you let the cookies cool on the baking sheets for about five-ten minutes (depending on your will power) or they will fall apart in a brownie-like goo. Then, I moved the cookies (with a spatula) to plates to cool and solidify more. Then, FINALLY, you get to eat them. All at once. Because you wont’ be able to help yourself. Seriously.

Just eat them all.


Your truly,