Cat/Griz Football

As an AdvoCat for the MSU Office of Admissions, I’ve told countless campus visitors of the wonderful fact that Montana State students have the opportunity to get free student tickets to every single athletic event at home. I’ve then told these visitors that this fact is especially exciting this year because this year the Cat/Griz game is at Bobcat stadium in Bozeman – which means that all the students here had the chance to receive their free ticket to the 113th annual Cat/Griz game to see the MSU Bobcats take home the Great Divide trophy for the fourth year in a row. Montana State won in 2010, 2011, and 2012 (but no big deal).

What I didn’t know until just two days before tickets were available is that students can get priority tickets, which means they can get their tickets on that Sunday before everyone else. Students with priority are those dedicated students with an over abundance of Bobcat spirit who go to every home game. Naturally, I have gone to every home game – because it’s Bobcats or No Cats – so I had priority. When I logged on to get my ticket, there was a message saying that the system was down; students with priority weren’t able to get their ticket at that moment, but the Bobcat Ticket Office would put the tickets on our card for us and we would get a confirmation email. This is a big game; this is Cat/Griz. Without relieving my stress, this notification just made me more anxious and excited, because I still didn’t have my ticket!

There’s an important detail in this story which I have not yet shared, so let’s take a short pause. Cat/Griz tickets are free for students, but come 12PM, when the tickets become available, every student is going to be on their computer, crowding the internet, fighting for a ticket. A lot of them will get a ticket, there’s a lot of room for students at Bobcat Stadium, but the journey will be harrowing.

The next morning I called the Ticket Office and was told that my name was not on the priority list. I was upset, but just prepared myself for 12PM when tickets would go up for all the students. Then, I was told by a friend that my name was on the priority list; he had just swung by the AskUs Desk in the Strand Union Building where they had a copy. Now, I was just confused. My friend checked his email, and right then received his confirmation email telling him he had a ticket. When I checked mine, I had nothing, so I convinced myself that my friend was wrong and got ready for noon.

Then, about an hour later – 11:55 – I was scrolling through my email, hoping maybe they had just sent my email later than all the others, when I – for the first time in about three months – opened my Spam folder.

And right there, at the very top, was an email from Montana State.

This was all an elaborate and thrilling story just to let you know that I will be at Cat/Griz this Saturday to see the Bobcats take home The Great Divide for 2013.

     Also, Cat/Griz is not spam, Gmail. How dare you.

Go Cats!


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  1. Go Cats indeed. I’ve learned that I have to look everyday in that darned Spam file. Usually they is nothing and I delete all. But…every once in a while there is something important. So…the moral is—always check it.

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