Hello and Welcome to the Spring Semester

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I had all these grand plans to blog over Winter Break, but I was so busy back home that I never found the time. So this post will serve as a recap of my awesome break and a “Get Super Excited About Spring 2014.”


So I went back home over break: home, if you remember, is Lakewood, Colorado, right outside Denver. I drove down with my roommate and one of our other friends who happens to be a CO native. After the ten hour trek, filled with gossip and the best playlist I’ve ever heard, we arrived home. It was fun because my roommate had purposefully not told her family the correct date we were driving home and they weren’t expecting her to walk in the door!



So I wrapped all the Christmas presents that needed wrapping, bought the presents that still needed to be bought, (bought myself some presents), got a new tattoo, ate at all the local places
I’ve missed, ate my mom’s home cooking, ate a lot more, and slept a lot. That’s not to mention all the time I spent romping around with my dogs and cats who I hadn’t seen in forever. I’m waiting for the day that I come home and they don’t remember who I am – but so far, so good.

Christmas was a blast; it always is with my family. This year was the first year that my brother wasn’t with us for the traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning shenanigans (he was with his girlfriend’s family – why do we all have to grow up?) but he was able to make it home Christmas night to celebrate with us. I had my own bout of sharing the holidays; I made an appearance at my boyfriend’s family’s annual Christmas Eve bash (and then had to wake up at 7 AM, but hey, it’s Christmas).


There were some awesome gifts exchanged this year, if I do say so myself. For my dad, I painted a lion skull (with a lion head partner that is not yet finished) and for my grandpa I painted/drew an interesting piece (see here –>).

My sister gave me a Harry Potter time turner necklace (it doesn’t work, I’ve tried) and I also got… AN ESPRESSO MACHINE. I’m very excited about that, his name is Cappy (AKA The Captain).


Then! This is very exciting, so get ready…

I went snowmobiling! It was my first time being on a snowmobile, let alone driving one and I guess you could say I’ve become a bit obsessed. In fact, there’s a snowmobile for sale just down the street (here in Bozeman) and it’s only $5,000. (Let’s pretend I have that much money). But anyway, we set out around 3:30, so by the time we reached the Continental Divide, the sun had just gone down. The sky was beautiful, and we drove back down through the forest at twilight. The company that provided the snowmobiles and the guide also does guided dog sled driving. YOU CAN DRIVE YOUR OWN DOG SLED TEAM.
IMG_20131229_170103_378So yeah, I’m doing that eventually. I watched one team as they set off. The driver had the brake on as he was riling up the team, and of course they’re all jumping at the line, howling, and barking, and as soon as that brake came out of the snow that sled disappeared in the trees. They took off so fast; it was incredible. I can’t wait to try it; have any of you?


For New Years Eve, my boyfriend and I headed up to Fort Collins, Colorado (home of the Colorado State Rams) to celebrate with a lot of my old friends from high school. Most of them I hadn’t seen in over a year, so that was a blast.my_pic

To round off my vacation, a friend from Bozeman who had never been to Denver before, swung on down for a visit. We went to the Denver Aquarium and I showed him the best place to eat in all of the state.

And to end it all, I got a terrific bout of the flu.


So as I write you, I’m working on a spectacular recovery. I missed a couple classes, which I am not at all psyched about seeing as this is the beginning of an incredibly important semester. However, I dragged myself out of bed today for a few hours

IMG_20140109_155640to make it to my first Studio class (for my brand spankin’ new art major). On the first day, we assembled teams and, using spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, we were challenged to build the tallest standing structure. The class is 3D Structures and this is something I’ve never worked with, especially as a field of art. Our first project is to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing slotted chair (which you should definitely look up here, because they’re awesome). In addition to Studio, I’m continuing with Advocats and French (Bonjour comment-allez vous?); I’m also taking a News & PR writing class (at 8AM, kill me now) and Advanced Composition. The News class has an online publishing component, so as soon as that is up and running, I’ll post the link for you all to see! This is my first journalism class and I’m pretty excited about it. Oh! And last but certainly not least (even though I almost forgot about it) I am taking Great Expeditions through the Honors College. After an entire semester of learning about England and Ireland geography, history, and culture, on May 9th the class is going on a trip to England and Ireland! I can’t believe I almost forgot I was leaving the country. 

So I guess to summarize, my vacation was great (everyone should visit Denver) and this semester is going to be packed with stories and projects and papers and pictures that will just make me and you and everyone so excited.

(So get excited)
Yours truly,


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  1. Darling Sabrina, I hope you are feeling better. I had breakfast with Rich this morning and he talked about “Wheels” and how fast you were. A great blog. I love you, Papa

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