Spring Break straight ahead

It is so fabulously warm today.

Okay, so it’s only 40 degrees, but this is a huge step! I even took my coat off on the walk to class. I got a snapchat from a friend in Utah who’s experiencing the same heat wave. Is it just me, or is it time for spring? Let’s pretend these aren’t puddles of melting snow that I’m jumping over in the parking lot.

Spring in Bozeman is a confusing time for everyone. It’s the puberty of seasons, really. Montana doesn’t know what to do with it; he laughs, he cries, he snows some more, then decides it should be warm again. I just looked it up and apparently the first day of spring is March 20th. That is coming up faster and faster. There is one Spring Break between me and the time where I get to say, “Hey, Bozeman. Stop this nonsense.”

I’m all about the snow (you kind of have to be when you live in a state like this), but I’m also all about the sun and the grass, and hiking, and warm weather camping, and smores, and lemonade, and shorts, and going outside without a coat on.

All of this rambling just to say… I AM SUDDENLY SO EXCITED FOR SPRING

And on the subject of Spring, let’s talk about Spring Break. The ever-coveted and only real break of the Spring semester. And it starts on Monday (officially), but really this Friday night. My French professor even cancelled class on Friday because she’s as excited as I am (tres bien).


Annie and Maya #labradorable

I will be going on a journey to the always exotic and exciting Nampa, Idaho (right there next to Boise) to visit my best friend. We’ve been friends since before we could walk and she went and moved to Idaho junior year of high school. But lucky for us I decided to come to Montana State so now we’re only eight hours away… instead of ten. Wooo!

Besides the fact that I’ll get to see her for the first time in two years, she has a brand new puppy: a black Labradoodle named Maya (#labradorable). She’s in the middle of training and is also busy being wonderful. I get constant snapchats and videos of her antics and I cannot wait to finally meet her.

I’ll be driving to Boise with a friend; it’s always easy to find travel partners at MSU. I didn’t have to use it this time, but there’s a board in the Strand Union for people driving, looking for fellow travelers, or looking for rides. You can just post contact information; it’s so convenient. Then there’s always Facebook and friends, of course.

My best friend is the baking aficionado who sent me her best cupcake recipes (because she is a gem). I have a feeling we will be doing a whole lot of cooking, reading, painting, and sunning. I will have so many photos to share! (Side note: it better be sunny).


Annie and I in elementary school

In short: it’s warm, Spring Break is too close for logical concentration, and I can’t wait for Spring/Summer.

Stay awesome, my friends.


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  1. Really enjoyed this. Drive safely and give all the Gorman’s big hugs from us. Can’t wait to hear about your spring adventures with Annie and Maya.

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